My name is Jen Minto and I am a graphic designer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I grew up in Davis, California and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in communication design with an emphasis in graphic design from California State University, Chico in 2009.

I am a levelheaded person and a logical-minded designer. Problem solving has always come naturally to me. I welcome challenges knowing design does not exist without problems to be solved. I’m not afraid to speak-up and say what I think, but am always respectful when doing so. I push myself every day because I hold the term “work ethic” to a very high standard.

I am a quick thinker and efficient designer. Organization and communication are key to my process and adapting to environments comes easily to me. I thrive within a structured office, but when structure and procedure are lacking, I create my own.

Often-times I will joke about having OCD, which may be little true, but in fact I take pride in being a detail-oriented designer. I have received compliments on the fact that I do not treat my work as if I gave birth to it. For me, design is a product that requires creative thought, time, attention, criticism, and finesse – none of which can be done efficiently without keeping in mind that the product belongs to its client, not its designer.

I love my dog, coffee, food, travel, culture, nature, and of course, design. What gets me going every day isn’t just loving what I do, but doing it well.


“Jen is an extremely talented designer with a creative eye and a willingness to always go the extra mile. ”
-Janet Soule, Co-Owner, Me Communications


Virginia Tran
Sr. Marketing Programs Manager
CMO Council
Jen and I have worked together for about a year. She helps to manage the creative department, and I work on the marketing operations team. We have worked together on several programs and I have nothing but great things to say. Jen is someone who is highly driven and is always aiming even higher! She is exceptionally creative and talented. I trust her point of view and I always know she will produce great results that are always delivered on time. A perfect example of her dedication and strong work ethic is with the CMO Council’s recent CMO Summit. With such little time before the event, Jen always made sure all of the creative deliverables were executed and completed on time. The 80-page, personalized Summit program that she helped drive was one of the biggest hits amongst the senior level marketers. I highly recommend Jen and whoever hires her would be lucky to have her.”

Marc Schweitzer
Pathonomic, Inc.

“Jen created our logo and company brand. She took our initial concepts and presented a series of excellent alternatives. We eventually chose a truly unique design that she created based on our requirements. We continue to use her for our other graphic design needs. She is reasonably priced, responsive to our requests and a joy to work with.”

Donna Iaquinto
Kadori Gifts

“Jen designed our company logo, tag line and color scheme for our products. Initially considering doing it ourselves, hiring Jen was the best decision! She walked us through the process to figure out the best options, taking our likes and dislikes into consideration at every stage. Definitely worth using a professional, and Jen is the perfect choice!”


If you wish to connect and discuss my work or future opportunities, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out in whichever way you feel most comfortable.