Jen Minto has twelve years of professional design experience and has spent the last four years as an Art Director for a small design company.

Jen’s career began as a graphic designer for large companies, such as the Walt Disney Company and Shutterfly. After these experiences Jen switched to working for smaller businesses where she could take on more responsibilities and develop new skill sets. Jen’s ability to learn and adapt quickly led her to successfully develop her team and project management skills. Jen prides herself on her ability to quickly analyze and make decisions as well as her ability to guide projects successfully and deliver them on time.

While graphic design is a true passion of Jen’s, she gets the most professional satisfaction from project management. Setting design and brand direction, managing and working alongside others, meeting milestones , and successful execution are the activities Jen loves most in her work as an art director.

Design is a process which involves many minds and eyes. You must leave your ego at the door in order to produce what your client needs.

Jen believes the key to being a good art director is to learn from and listen to her team and clients. Her experience has taught her that adapting to perspectives and feedback is essential  to successful creative ventures. Understanding the strengths of the different members of a team is also essential, and Jen understands that everyone has different strengths and encourages her staff to play to them and teach others (including herself).

Jen’s approach to design is to create for others. Strong designs are functional, beautiful and thoughtful. Design expresses what a client needs through the experience of a considerate and trained professional, and a well managed team.