Designer, director, human

Jen Minto carries twelve years of professional design experience and four years as an Art Director.

Jen started off designing in large companies, such as the Walt Disney Company and Shutterfly. She then moved on to expand her skills laterally by joining smaller businesses to take on greater opportunities and responsibilities. Discovering her ability to learn and adapt quickly, Minto holds the reins of every project she manages and is good at quickly analyzing situations and making firm decisions.

Design is a process that involves many minds and eyes.
When you leave your ego at the door you allow yourself and others toproduce what your client needs.

Graphic design is a true passion of Jen’s, but her love lies in project management. Setting direction for designs and brands, managing and cooperating with others, working through timelines, budgets, and execution are what Jen finds the thrills of being a director.

The key to being a good art director is not allowing your own opinions to always trump others. Learning from your team and clients, and adapting to perspectives and feedback is invaluable to the success of any creative venture.

Jen enjoys growing from her interaction with others. She understands everyone has different strengths and encourages people to play them and teach others (including herself).

Never holding personal attachment or being “married” to a concept can be difficult for most, but Jen looks at it differently. Design is creating for others. Art is creating for yourself. Strong designs are functional, beautiful and thoughtful.

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