Brand Attraction from Enriched Interaction

The CMO Council, teamed with IBM Digital Experience, explored the degree to which leading marketers are embracing new digital channels and content management technologies to realize the full value of rich media engagement, crowdsourced content, and mass-customized commerce through higher levels of personalization and tailored interaction. The high-profile knowledge transfer initiative includes insights from top brand decision makers to provide their perspectives around this critical area of online marketing and business performance

Given creative freedom on the look and feel of this program logo, Jen decided to take a retro-90’s look and ensured the piece spoke true to its name: “Brand Attraction From Enriched Interaction”. Vibrant colors and a playful look and feel set the mood for this piece as it was collaboratively used for both an infographic and report. The success of the campaign led to a continued study titled, “Connected Interaction to Power Brand Attraction.”

Designed in 2015 at Global Fluency for the CMO Council program “Brand Attraction From Enriched Interaction” campaign report. Sponsored by IBM.