Pathonomic was an early stage startup developing a suite of complementary collaborative diagnostics products for engineers, medical professionals and the life sciences.

Keeping the relation of the product to the medical and life sciences, Jen sought to create a brand that was new, but to which everyone could relate. Simple, clear, text adjoining an abstract yet organic icon to mimic the human eye and the lens of a camera, The Pathonomic brand stood out in the busy industry of biomedical technology.

All artwork is original. Typefaces were manipulated to give the Pathonomic brand a unique look. Packaging design, both visual and functional, was also designed by Jen for the Patho Explorer product. 

Evolution of the Microscope
Pathonomic Inc. wanted to tell a story where their product, Patho Explorer, was the most-evolved product, the end point, of the evolution of the microscope. The final design is composed of original digital illustrations which were reviewed by a science and technology librarian for accuracy.  

Freelance work for client, Pathonomic, Inc. Packaging production with Stribbons.