Ministry of Magic Interdepartmental Memos

Any true Harry Potter fan remembers how the Ministry of Magic sends interdepartmental memos: they use purple paper airplanes that zip and glide around desks and doors While the innovative Potter fandom has created homegrown  methods of recreating the film prop, an official kit serves as a great collectible for the community.

This was a project initially started by the previous art director at Birdcage Press. Approval for Harry Potter “prop” merchandise is lengthy, and Jen restarted the project when she saw the potential for an incredibly fun and authentic product for park visitors.

Working with the experts from Klutz books for folding paper airplanes, the Birdcage team and Klutz analyzed the actual film prop to come up with a near-perfect flyable recreation. Jen orchestrated the physical design, materials, graphics and developed the folding instructions which had to be clear and easy to follow. 

Designed at Birdcage Press for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Parks and Resorts. Manufactured in China.