The Grove

The Grove, a division of Carson Landscape Industries, provides total tree care for clients throughout Northern California. Launched in 2010, they had a quick need for branding work to kick things off. Jen was already working with marketing company, Me Communications, and took on the client through that partnership to create an elegant and strong brand that still stands strong a decade later.

Jen needed to come up with a brand that fit into the family of Carson Landscape Industries and their other division, Turf Pro, yet at the same time bring in a cleaner and more modern feel that would appeal to the branch’s specific audience. Together with the marketing team at Me Comm. Jen used her freelance brand strategy to come up with a small handful of curated logos and whittle down the options until they met a solid solution that pleased everyone. After the logo was complete, the business suite came together in a similar fashion.

Freelance work for client, The Grove via Me Communications.