Catalina’s personalized digital media connects shoppers to the brands Catalina knows they want. Catalina does this by delivering only the most relevant ads and offers from their home to the aisle. And only Catalina knows the evolving purchase history and individual needs of more than three-quarters of American shoppers. They use that insight to create personalized, measurable campaigns that motivate high-value consumers to try new products, increase consumption, and stay loyal to CPG Brands and Retailers.

Collaborating with Global Fluency marketing and Catalina branding representative, this report was pulled together within a very short time period. Catalina has strict brand guidelines but has a strong liking for uniqueness. Simple bar and pie charts are used sparingly as Catalina prefers a little “umph” in visuals that will help connect their audience to the subjects within the report.

Designed at Global Fluency for Catalina Marketing.