More than 100 senior marketing decision makers gathered in Napa at the CMO Council’s 2015 CMO Summit to share perspectives and engage with thought leaders, all in an effort to clear a path for the CMO to rise. In the end, the call to action was unanimous: for the CMO to rise, the CMO must be the driving force for growth, a center for revenue and opportunity, and a leader to inspire the organization.

This 92-page program is a collaborative piece put together by both creative and marketing departments and off-site printers. Jen was creative director and lead over the design and production of the program, and communication with other involved parties. The program includes agendas, session info, speaker info, and details pertaining to the CMO council, their programs, reports, and partnerships. Included in this booklet is a special edition of the CMO Council’s quarterly publication, PeerSphere, produced by fellow design team members.

What makes this piece unique is that they are completely customized. Each attendee received a booklet with customized content including their name, company logo, and advertisements tailored to their industry. In addition, Summit speakers’ booklets have flagged content wherever their name appeared (such as in the agenda and session description) and a personalized thank you for their contributions to event. The program is made from sustainable materials- wheat-based paper and corn-based ink.

Designed at Global Fluency for the CMO Council event CMO Summit 2015 in Napa, California. Printed by EarthColor.