This report is based on insights from a survey of more than 2,000 leisure travelers fielded by the GeoBranding Center and Travelzoo—in addition to qualitative insights from interviews with executives at Kenya Airways, Turkish Culture and Tourism, Air Arabia, Malaysia Airlines, São Paulo Tourism, the German National Tourist Office, Israel Ministry of Tourism and others—the report paints a picture of how health and safety threats impact tourism, as well as the steps that regional tourism organizations are taking to overcome negative perceptions by responding to heightened media coverage.

Geared towards a broad audience, this report was designed in a non-traditional manor. Perfectly practical as a printed piece, as well as a full-screen presentation format, this piece is focused on showcasing statistics with eye-grabbing visuals. This is a mixed-media work using a combination of original and customized stock artwork to tell the story of the report’s data.

Designed at Global Fluency for the CMO Council program “How Global Voices Shape Travel Choices” through the Geobranding Center. Sponsored by AIG Travel and partnered with Travelzoo.



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