With 1.4 Billion people (25% of the world) living without access to electricity, and more than two-thirds of sub-Saharan Africans lacking electricity, there is a desperate need to find solutions that can improve the quality of life for these living in remote and underserved communities.

By harnessing the power of the sun and wind, TWERLY is on a mission to bring sustainable, low-cost lighting solutions to communities across the globe. And it doesn’t stop there. TWERLY is set to revolutionize the future of sustainable street lighting by providing value-added community services, including embedded technology that allows for WiFi connectivity, video surveillance, and application charging.

Designed by a fellow designer at Global Fluency, Jen took on the role of lead production manager and designer for the Twerly website. Working hand-in-hand with the web development, design, and marketing teams, Jen managed timelines, assets and production, and contributed to the UX design of the site, which features many interactive elements.

UX and production design at Global Fluency for Twerly.